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Religion in Tibet

Tibetans have a strong belief that religion is necessary for social cohesion. According to their philosophy, mutual rituals and beliefs help them to achieve social solidarity. They use religious teachings and norms to attain conformity and hold in society. If you are planning to visit Tibet , you must know about the existing religion there and their beliefs. Like their culture, Tibetans have deep-rooted religions and every religion comes with some distinctive characteristics. The main religions in Tibet are; Tibet Buddhism, Bon, Chinese ethnic religion and folk religion sect. Let us explore each religion. Buddhism Also widespread in the Himalayas and central Asia, the main religion in Tibet is Buddhism. Tibetan Buddhism is, however, another extension of Buddhist doctrine. According to the International Religious Freedom Report of 2012, 91% of the Tibet population is confined to Buddhism. So, we can say that it is highly practiced religion at present which is growing rapidl