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Lhasa tours from Beijing

Why Travel to Tibet from Beijing Providing different culture and landscape, Beijing and Tibet are two top visited destinations in China. For most travelers who plan to visit China, Beijing is usually the best choice as the arrival city for international flights. In the capital city of China, supply for flight and train tickets is always adequate, you have series of choices to go to Tibet from there. As the capital of China, this international metropolis has modern vitality as well as splendid culture with centuries-old history. It’s no wonder that Beijing is the most visited destination in China. It’s strongly recommend to covering Beijing in your trip, you’ll certainly experience a better journey. Highlights in Beijing You are suggested to spend several days in Beijing to see the attractions before leaving for Tibet . In the central city area of Beijing, you can visit the majestic Forbidden City and the stately Temple of Heaven. If you’re energetic, you can go to hike the Gre