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Lhasa Tibet Tour

Lhasa Tibet , the ancient city with more than 1,300 years of history, is highly regarded as “Land of Gods” by the locals. The city is the center of Buddhism for over a millennium and it is frequented by numerous men of belief as well as tourists every year, who are attracted by the mysterious strength of religion, the well-preserved cultural heritage as well as breathtaking natural beauty, ranging from great mountains to vast grassland with yaks wandering around.  Climate Situated in the center of Tibetan Plateau and sits next to Lhasa River, Lhasa city is surrounded by lush mountains raising up to 5400m(17716ft), and the city itself has an elevation of 3600m(11811ft), which contributes to its cool semi-arid climate with frosty winter and moderately warm summer. Lhasa enjoys sunlight almost every day and a total amount of annual solar radiation over 200 kilocalories per square centimeter, which has gained Lhasa a great the official title of “Sunlight City” among touris