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The Lost Dynasty of The Gurge Kingdom

When you on a Tibet Lhasa Tour , you can hear of so many legends spread  far and wide  in Tibet. The ancient land has  been shrouded in mystery  through thousands of years. Even now, you can find most of the relics in the trip of Tibet. One of the most mysterious legends is the Gurge Kingdom, which once was a powerful  nation  more than 700 years but suddenly   disappeared. The Gurge Kingdom, with an area  sprawls over  180 thousand square meters, located on a mountain in Ngari. Hundreds of buildings, temples, and caves widely  distributed  on the mountain. You can see the huge ruins of the relic far away from here. 5 temples and palace are well kept through hundreds of years, and you can find exquisite  Buddha statues and colored murals  remain there. The Gurge Kingdom is founded around the ninth century after the collapse  of  The Tubo Dynasty and is a continuation of The Tubo Dynasty. 16 kings were born through more than 600 years before the death of the dynasty. T

Top 8 Tibetan Festivals in summer

Perhaps it's the best way to learn more about Tibet to attend a Tibetan Festival.Tibetans are preparing for the magnificent festivals as the summer is coming. If you have planned to a Tibet Lhasa tour this summer, It's a pity to miss these celebrations. Today we will introduce the top 9 Tibetan festivals in summer for you. 1. Gyantse Horse Racing Festival(from June 8 in Gyantse, Shigatse) Horse Racing is a most exciting activity in Tibet, it's not just a sport but ethos to Tibetan. As the largest Horse Racing Festival in Tibet, Gyantse Horse Racing Festival is held every year. You can watch the lifeful performance such as Horse Racing, archery competition, soccer, basketball. Besides, the bustling market nearby will attract and hold you. There you can buy some local goods. 2. Saga Dawa(from May to June, Lhasa) Saga Dawa is a traditional festival in Tibetan Buddhism to the memory of Sakyamuni. It's a good chance to find what is true for you in the period.B

Mountain Kailash - a scared mountain

Mountain Kailash is recognized worldwide as a sacred mountain. And it's considered to be the center of the world by Hinduism, Tibetan Buddhism, Bon religion and Jainism. Mountain Kailash is not the highest mountain in the area, but the only mountain reflecting the sunlight in a miraculous way with snow covered all around the year. Mountain Kailash is 6638 meters above sea level. The tourists who have a Tibet tour could find the most attractive sight from south of the mountain that a giant "卍" of natural formation by rock and snow.卍 is a Buddhist symbol by the meaning of power, luck, and blessing. Mountain Kailash is often surrounded by clouds, so it's considered to be lucky to see the peak by locals. Mount Kailash means the mountain of God in Tibetan Buddhism and the heaven of Shiva in Hinduism. It's also the origin of Bon religion. Mount Kailash had long been regarded as a holy place since about 3000 years ago. Many pilgrims from India, Bhutan, Nepal an

What is the best way to plan a Tibet Everest Base Camp Tour in 2017

What is the best way to plan a Tibet Everest Base Camp Tour in 2017 Mount Everest is the roof of the world at an altitude of 8844 meters, it’s a dream place for many explorers all over the world. However, it’s not easy to conquer the peak due to the bad situation for mankind. So it’s important for you to know how to make the most reasonable choice of the trip. The main points of the trip are as follows. When Is The Best Time to Everest Base Camp? From April to June, it’s the best time to have a visit to Everest Base Camp. Mount Qomolangma can be seen clearly during this period. Everything comes to life again after winter, you may find kinds of flowers and animals along the way. From September to November, this period is between the rainy season (July to August) and the chilly winter (December to March), so the conditions there is good for you to have a glimpse of the magnificent mountain. Perhaps you could meet with lots of explorers along the road. How to Get to Eve


OVERVIEW Drigung Til Monastery was found in 1167, it’s the headquarter of Kagyupa order in Drigung, and the most famous sky burial site around Tibet. Drigung Til located on the ridge of a rapid mountain above the Zhorong-chu Valley. You may move by the beautiful show in front of the main courtyard, and a deep peace around. Tidrum Nunnery is located in a narrow gorge where two streams meet, it’s famous for medicinal hot springs surrounded by wooden canopies. Local said one could back to health by bathing in the hot springs which contain a variety of minerals. Remember, it's free. Day 1 Arrival In Lhasa Once you get to Lhasa, our staff will meet you at the airport or railway station. We'll arrange for transportation and hotel for you. Altitude sickness is probably a problem with you, So we advise you have a rest once you get to the hotel and be relax. Read more about Lhasa tour package Day 2 Lhasa City Lhasa is an ancient city with a history of 1300, It's a


LHASA & SAMYE MONASTERY TOUR OVERVIEW As the first monastery in Tibet,  Samye Monastery is a landmark which built for religious use, it may hit you with the mixture of Chinese- and Indian-style. Samye Monastery was found 1200 years ago by  Guru Rinpoche who dued the demons there and taken Buddhism into Tibet later. The rough Yarlung Tsangpo running alongside. DAILY ITINERARY Day 1 Arrival In Lhasa Welcome to Lhasa, a city with the highest elevation in the world. You will notice that a welcome board with your name is held outside the airport or station. In order to acclimatize yourself, please drink lots of water and do less exercise after you check in. Day 2 Lhasa City As an international tourism city, Lhasa is famous for its long history, beautiful scenery, unique customs, and strong religious atmosphere. Let's make a Lhasa city tour today. Day 3 Lhasa Suburb Surround by the sky and snow-capped mountains, you will feel that between heaven and eart


OVERVIEW Ganden Monastery located in an incredible place where is a natural bowl above the braided Kyi-chu Valley. It’s almost razed to the ground in the Cultural Revolution and now it revived. You can find the collection of restored Tsongkhapa’s tomb in the monastery, and an enjoyable Kora path that may lead you to breathe hard later. DAILY ITINERARY Day 1 Arrival In Lhasa (3680m) Lhasa is located on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. How to get to Lhasa Tibet ? It's the best way to get there by train. And it's not a good choice to get there by airplane because you need time getting used to its high altitude.Still, we'll glad to provide shuttle service for you to the hotel. Day 2 Lhasa Suburb Our first stop is Drepung Monastery, which is the largest building in Tibet and one of six Tibetan Buddhism temple of the Gelug Sect. There you can find the well-known statue of Maitreya blessed by Tsongkhapa. We will get there in the morning, pay a visit to the elegant temple a


OVERVIEW You could receive a gift from heaven, when you take a bird's eye view at the peak of Kamba-la(4700m),  you can find Yamdro-tso(elev 4441m) there shining nearby. The lake appears fantastic green in good weather,  and you can take a distant view of the giant Mt. Nojin Kangtsang(7191m). DAILY ITINERARY Day 1 Arrival In Lhasa You can travel to Lhasa Tibet by plane, train or car. And we strongly recommend the first two. We will meet you at Lhasa Airport or Railway station after your arrival. And lodge you in a hotel not far away. Perhaps, you will not be acclimatized to the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau from the very beginning, so it's good for you to drink enough water and have a rest. Day 2 Lhasa City As the capital city, Lhasa which was founded more than 1300 years, had become the center of Tibet in political, economic, cultural, communication and tourism from a long time ago. Day 3 Lhasa Suburb Today you’ll take a journey around Lhasa and you can

7 things wonderful for your Tibet tour in 2017

7 things wonderful for your Tibet tour in 2017 Tibet is a place where many travelers need going to a lifetime. perhaps you have already searched for many pieces of information about it, still, you may need to know more about Lhasa in Tibet  to improve your experiment. So I’m glad to introduce 7 wonderful things in Tibet for you, please follow my step to a better experience of Tibet. 1. Find the best place to take a view of the Potala Palace You could find the Potala Palace at the back of 50 yuan, It’s one of the best places where the picture was taken to have a view of the magnificent palace. And it’s a good idea to take photos in Potala Palace Square or beside the Dragon King Lake if you are a professional photographer, you may move by the unity of nature and culture. Besides, you could catch a beautiful view of Potala Palace with mountains surround after crossing over Lhasa River along Sichuan-Tibet Highway. 2. Having a cup of Tibetan Sweet Tea Tibe